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Postedon 1st November 2014


- we snubbed

- reexamined lame

- designated ham

- pill

- integer

Hint 1

Remember this is the last puzzle of the week and before this one there were 5 others

Hint 2

Maybe those bullet points aren't exactly bullet points


The point here is to subtract the letters of the each line to the corresponding landing page title of each of this week puzzles (there are some extra letters in the new words).

Between Us - we snubbed = et Medical Examiner - reexamined lame = ic

The Damage Is Done - designated ham = eo

Liar - pill = ar

Greetings - integer = gs

Putting them all together we get eticeoargs which is an anagram for categories. takes you to a page called No Goodbyes


The video Jake

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