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Posted on 2nd February 2015

Use Your Words02:35

Use Your Words


Hey, guys. So, I just woke up like this, and found this directly above me.

That was definitely not there last night. I mean, it looks cool but I have no idea what it means. Who knows ...

Oh, look. Another one. Really? Okay.

Let's see what this is. Alright, it's like a weird "Z"

Why can't I have normal stalkers? Like dudes watching me from across the street. Whatever happened to guys in trench coats?

Oh, look. Another one. Now that's pretty.

Alright, so that's three. Let's just take a tour, shall we? See what else we got.

Okay. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing -- oh, bingo! Here we go. That's ... strange.

Okay, so that's four. Almost made a loop. Almost -- ah, there we go. Yep, definitely didn't put that there.

Wow, what is that? Oh. Really?

You know, I know I've said this before, but I really love this place. You know, I've slept a whole night through for the first time in like 15 years. You know, I feel safe here. It's pretty great. So, if you guys wanna talk to me just, let's use our words. Please just don't vandalize my place.

If you guys have any idea what these things mean, would you please let me know? That would be fantastic. I'm gonna go back to sleep. Goodnight.

Other info

The symbols all around seem to be glyphs from the game ingress

Use your words 01

Use your words 02
Use your words 03
Use your words 04
Use your words 05
Use your words 06
You / Other (or if it is upside down I / Me / Self )


Similar to You / Other but the angle seems wrong . Looks almost like an upside down Open / Accept


Use your words 07

Not a glyph but this Kanji  which was previousily seen in the reward of Crates

Not noticed by Stella . Either I / Me / Self or Open / Accept

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