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The Vyctory Resort seems to be a 5 star hotel  casino resort located in Las Vegas that creates tailor made fantasy scenarios for their clients.

It is owned by Wayland Vyctory





The Vyctory is much more than a luxury gaming resort. The Vyctory is an experience. An escape. A place where fantasy becomes reality. A five million square foot oasis where literally anything is possible. All you have to do is ask...




The Vyctory is the singular vision of Wayland Arthur Vyctory -- a billionaire philanthropist who started his groundbreaking career modestly as a bank teller and within a few years was running the company. Subsequently, Mr. Vyctory built Wound Coil Investments, one of the first, and most successful hedge funds on Earth with hundreds of billions of dollars under management. Now, he focuses on his real estate investments, with properties in over 50 countries. But his passion is the Vyctory Las Vegas, the crown jewel of a vast Empire.


Beyond its spectacular appearance, the Vyctory truly is one of a kind -- a five star hotel, state-of-the-art casino, first class entertainment destination, and home to the world's only Flexible-Gravity™ golf course. With four top-tier restaurants boasting seven Michelin stars between them, is it any wonder the nickname for the Vyctory is The Desert Dream?


But what really sets us apart from the rest of the pack? Fantasies, customized for you, and by you. Our personal Fantasy Concierges will listen closely to your every desire. Any desire. We’re not only here to give you an escape from your everyday life but to change it. Don’t be afraid to ask - you may be surprised by what is possible.


So come join us. Enter a world you never thought possible, a place beyond your wildest imagination. Let the dreamer inside you roam free.

Lose yourself. Find yourself. Win your fortune.

We'll be waiting.

Questionnaire Edit

On the Website there is a questionnaire that depending on your answers will give a diferent outcome at the end

You can more info on it here

Extra notesEdit

  • It seems that it does not matter which night you try book, it always show as no vancancies available
  • The twitter has existed since the webste was found but it only started posting on the 17th of February, with what seems like normal promotions about rooms and casino betting.

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