Posted on 13 / Dec / 2014


Time is important, but space is meaningless.

Names are meaningless, but titles are important.   

Hint 1

Hour and minute can be used to identify a solution page character of the week

Hint 2

Hour gives the day, minute gives the character. On destination use the challenge solutions, for origin, the texts.


For the Destination times, use:

12 - heaven
 1 - chapiteau
 2 - nomad
 3 - theleatherman
 4 - vagabundo

For the origin times, use:

12 (doesn't matter / not used)
 2 WhoOrshouldIsaywhat
 3 Beyondstillwater*
 4 Eachdestination

* At the end of the week, the text for the Thursday challenge was changed to "Beyond still water you’ll find 13 building blocks...".

The answer is "richard kimble" and the "Names are meaningless, but titles are important." clue leads to thefugitive.. (See Hint 2 for how the answer is constructed.)

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