Full name - Wayland Joseph Vyctory

Age - 55 years old 

Occupation - Real Estate Developer. Owner of the Vyctory Resort. Founder of Wound Coil Investments

Known Affiliations - widow of  Maya Heller , potential father of Stella Vyctory

Wayland is first introduced as Stella's father, having raised Stella alone since the death of Stella's mother when she was two.

Interesting enough on the Vyctory Resort website he is mentioned as Wayland Arthur Vyctory

The Vyctory is the singular vision of Wayland Arthur Vyctory -- a billionaire philanthropist who started his groundbreaking career modestly as a bank teller and within a few years was running the company. Subsequently, Mr. Vyctory built Wound Coil Investments, one of the first, and most successful hedge funds on Earth with hundreds of billions of dollars under management. Now, he focuses on his real estate investments, with properties in over 50 countries. But his passion is the Vyctory Las Vegas, the crown jewel of a vast Empire.

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