Slowly some images of weapons associated with each one of the Bloodline are surfacing. For now it is unknown if they they are gonna be part of the game or are just concept art. They seem to be accompanied by other items known as Artifacts.

John Hanke has stated that "Each one of the lines has its own artifacts and weapons. If [a weapon or artifact is] from your line, it'll be better than if you find one from another line."

Anne Beuttenmueller mentioned that you will be be able to purchase weapons. "We don't want to have a pay-to-win situation, so you also get them when you go to key spots and find them". John Hanke has confirmed this and mentioned they are working to monetize in tie-up with companies like done in Ingress. He also mentioned players will be able to trade items amongst themselves. 


Aksumite train weap2

A semi-auto Trunnion

Aksumite train weap3

Love and Hate blades


Wpn cahokian tac tomahawk

A Tomahawk Axe


Donghu train weap1

A Crossbow


Wpn harrapan indus sword 1handed

A Indus Sword


Koori train poison

A Poison vial


A Boomerang

La Tene

Latene train weap2

A mace (but the image is a flail)


Minoan train weap1

A Kilij saber

Minoan train weap3


Wpn minoan pistol-820x420



Mu train weap3

A Hira shuriken

Mu train weap5 full


Mu train weap4

A shotgun 


Nabatean train weap1

A semi-auto Trunnion

Nabataean train weap2

A recurve bow

Nabataean train weap4

A spear


Olive forks joke

None yet(filler)


Wpn shang pistol

A Glock



A dagger with it's sheath

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