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Posted on 22 November 2014 

It was first obtained on the same day by solving Break

Who Am I?03:34

Who Am I?


Um...last week, someone emailed me...this.

And then um, this morning, I went downstairs to have breakfast with Dad, and when I came back up, uh... this... was in my bag.

Now, if you hold... both of them together like this... you can read what it says.

Now, either... someone is... trying to drive me insane, which is perfectly plausible, or um... this... is... something else.

OK, Stella, um...

Possibility #1:

They are trying to drive me insane, make me paranoid, turn all of you against me and, and me against you. Which honestly fits the pattern. Quite frankly, it's pretty effective... 'Cause right now I feel like my brain is... literally splitting down the middle!


Possibility #2:

Which is... that IS a picture of me. One that I've never seen before.

So... who, who - who would have this? Where would they get it from?

What would it mean? It would mean that... that little girl... I... was missing!

At the same time... my Mom died. (crying)

Is everything a lie, then?? Am I a lie?? Some elaborate hoax??

GOD DAMN IT, DAD!! (sobs)

Um... Guys, I, uh...

I think I need to take a break. (catches breath)

I - I don't think I can do this...

I'm sorry.

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