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Posted 4th of November


The Nabateans understood that you can create your own reality, through your own choices and your own outlook. To be a Nabatean meant to be free of the judgements of others, and to trust your own perceptions above all else.

The path of the Nabatean is not an easy one. It requires a supreme sensitivity to the environment around you, and the ability to react in an instant – even if it means abandoning all of your previous plans and preconceptions.

While this Truth was the source of the Nabateans supreme power, it also contained a vulnerability. Because choosing your reality, moment by moment, is powerful but it also requires a rigorous discipline and commitment. And it will bring you face to face with an ugly truth about humanity: we like to be dominated. We like it when someone else makes our decisions for us. Not having options – not having a choice – relieves us of the responsibility for making our own lives.

And eventually, the Nabateans succumbed to this facet of human nature. How much easier to bend the knee to Rome and let them make all the hard choices.

So be wary – self-determination and the way of the Truth will always be under assault from the forces of domination. And you will be tempted to give in.

Stay strong.

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