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Posted 12 November 2014

Your Turn02:31

Your Turn


Rah, rah, rah...

Yes, I have my black outfit on and my hair pulled back, and i'm supposed to be inspiring, right? Rally the troops? Well, the truth is...

I'm pretty tired...and I need you to inspire me. There is a core group of you who participate in nearly everything I provide - you know who you are - and hopefully I've made it clear by now how much I appreciate you. But most of us need to do more. We need to be better. We need to bring in more of us. As I've said before, big changes are coming soon. We will have the tools to better organize and reach out, but ultimately, *you* need to lead.

And I'm not talking about politics now.

Each of you need to develop your own ideas, craft your own messages, and get them out to the children. As individuals, as Lines, and ultimately as a community. I can only do so much by myself. So, if you have ideas on how we can all do better please post them here. If you have a message about the Truth, make a video.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just yourself, your cell phone camera and something to say. Then post it, and link it here and everywhere else. Create your own challenges and send them to me, or just learn as much as you can and help us gain insight into the Twelve Lines by sharing what you've found.

I will do my part, too. I will bring in fresh blood, but when they come *you* need to bring them on board, teach them, and help them understand the Truth.

So students, it's *your* turn

Inspire me.

Inspire each other.

Inspire the Children...I'm counting on you.

As always, talk soon...

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